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Friday, September 6, 2013

Do Your Kids Know What You Do For a Living?

If you asked your kid, right now "What do I do for a living", what would they say?

Go on, ask them. I'll wait.

Wait a minute.

Wake them up again and ask them to tell you what you REALLY do?

And I'm not talking about the 3,781 job titles of a parent such as; chauffeur, servant, clothes washer, chef, tutor. The list goes on.

No Camera Sign Stock

Photo taken by Earl53

I wasn't sure if it was their age or the fact that I take my camera everywhere but The Kids, especially Artemis, are less then amused at having me take pictures of them.

Everywhere. All the time. Always.

To add insult to injury, I like close-ups. Macro is my best friend. So they pretty much live with a lens two inches in front of their face. It could be worse, they could have inherited unfortunate looking feet.


I'm sure they'll turn out okay.

Then I got to thinking, maybe they think that everyone's life is like this or maybe they know more. Maybe they know that sometimes there is a reason for all my pictures. Otherwise known as "Journeys of The Zoo".

I mean, they know my full name and usually call Ed, Eddie. Note that Ed's Mother and The Kids are the only people that can get away with calling him that and even then...

So, for the sake of a blog post The Kids development, I thought that I would take an unscripted video and put them to the test.

This is how it went.

So, am I busted or what?

What Do Your Kids Know What You Do For a Living?

P.S. Have you noticed that I haven't used strikethroughs for a while?

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  1. lol I just asked my 3 yr old who has seen me at work and comes with daddy everyday to pick me up from work , her answer "I dont know" which really means Im busy leave me alone

  2. My kid has no idea. She knows that her dad sometimes works in the office and sometimes at the University but how is a 2yr old to know what 'work' is anyways? She is in line with Max, however and last week told me that when she's an adult she'll take a computer to the university to work too. ;) How times have changed!

  3. I just asked my 3 yr old Daddy paints and brings us money..he does maintenance. Mama does videos, one for me and one for you.."my turn, pick me a video please mama.

  4. I don't have a little one yet (she's expected soon), but thanks for a funny post. I will try to remember to check in with her when she's a little older and see what her response is... and by the way, love the strikethroughs.

  5. Oh my goodness, too cute! I love hearing little one's talk.... Of course now I've made myself sound like a creeper.... Changing the subject now.... Strikethroughs are great as far as I'm concerned, they enable us to type what we're thinking AND what's politically correct without having to choose. LOL.

  6. My eldest has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA and since he is almost 18 I am getting a bit nervous. He has to move out someday! The other seems to know what but not how to get there! AGAIN they need to move out someday so I can retire and stop supporting them!

  7. I am not sure, but my 5 year old is not fond of my being gone literally the whole weekend (two 16 hour shifts). She does a little better now that daddy told her that mommy needs to earn a paycheck. She made me laugh when she asked if the people who tell me what to do ask me nicely!